Striking that Perfect Balance: Why Use Both Digital and Print Advertising

Digital and Print AdvertisingMarketing and advertising professionals around the world often talk about print advertising as a dying art as it has, for the past decade, given way to less traditional means. Digital is now the way to go, everyone says, as if the print is already gone.

As a matter of fact, that is very far from the truth. Although there are digital means, your business would be better served by using a combination of both digital and print advertising strategies. Printing has been around for centuries — some examples date back to early Egyptian times — that it would be extremely hard to picture a world where nothing exists in print.


Businesses use billboards to send a message to as many people as possible in particular areas, especially those where traffic is especially heavy. So it’s common to see billboards on intersections where vehicles and pedestrians pass all the time, as well as highways, where thousands of people drive any day of the week. A printing company in Australia would probably serve hundreds of local clients as well as those from other parts of the country.


Newsletters, flyers, brochures, booklets — almost everything that used to appear on paper may now also have a digital counterpart; there are even companies that have transitioned these materials to their website. For more mileage and convenience, many even have mobile friendly versions. But you’ve probably noticed that many of these also offer printer-friendly versions. There’s still nothing that compares to something solid, something printed that you can hold in your hand or in a pocket. There are even people who collect these materials, particularly those printed on special and attractive paper. It’s a good idea to have these materials professionally printed, and to also offer online versions.

Business cards and correspondence

People still give out business cards printed on hard paper. There are still business leaders who would rather write letters and memos longhand on special company stationery. Again, there is no substitute for good paper and good print, reminds an expert from Woolston Printing.

To get the optimal benefits from the best of both worlds, make sure to have your materials printed by a professional; likewise, have your website or app built by a pro. Even your social media management should be handled by someone with lots of experience and ideas. By choosing to strike a happy balance between traditional print and digital, you are reaching and appealing to more people in your niche.

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