An Advanced Guide to Get Genuine Customer Reviews

If you were contemplating purchasing a certain product, would you rather trust the claims made by the manufacturer/seller or the experiences of people who have bought the product? It’s likely that you’d be more influenced by the opinions of your fellow consumers.

It’s important to consider that your customers would also have this same mindset when they’re planning to buy something from your website. When they see that a large percentage of people who have bought the product are raving about it, it could compel them to make the purchase too. So if you can manage to get authentic reviews from your customers, it could result in increased conversions.

But the tricky part is in collecting the reviews. Not everyone may feel the need to share with others their pleasant experience of ordering from you and how they’ve benefited from the product. So it comes down to you to make an active effort to collect genuine customer reviews. Here’s what you can do:

#1: Send Review Request Emails Post Purchase

This is one of the most important steps to generate more customer reviews. You need to send out follow-up emails at the right time when the product is still fresh …

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50 summer subject lines + 3 tips for sunny copywriting

Memorial Day barbecues have been lit, and summer is officially upon us. As temperatures rise and people are spending more time grilling and soaking up the sun outdoors, how can you capture their attention with your email subject lines?

While there’s a lot on your seasonal to-do list rooftop parties, trips to the beach and picnics in the park among them youremail subject linescould use a little summer lovin’ too. To provide inspiration, we’ve put together a list of 50 sunshiny and seasonal subject lines.Plus, we’ve got three bonus tips to help you create your own fun-in-the-sun subject lines.

Remember, a subject line is just as importantas the email itselfbecause it’s the first thing people see in their inbox. Use these sizzlin’ subject line ideas to get your emails the attention they deserve.

50 summer subject lines

  1. Entertain the idea of a perfect summer weekend | Crate and Barrel
  2. 4 reasons to eat what you want this 4th of July | Methodology
  3. Meet your summer loves | LOFT
  4. Summer Berry Desserts in Red, White, and Blue | Fine Cooking
  5. Spend summer in Hawaii | Hawaiian Airlines
  6. See your summer donation in action | Make-A-Wish
  7. When it heat waves,
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Strategic Automation: Using automatic email series to nurture leads and re-engage readers [WHITE PAPER]

We often talk about the effectiveness of email marketing, and for good reason. After all, no other tool available to the small business owner boasts a 4,300% return on investment, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

That’s why email automation is so exciting. Our free white paper, Strategic Email Automation, shows why email automation is such an effective strategy for small businesses, and it illustrates how to set up automation in your own email marketing. Here are some highlights:

What is email automation?

Email automation is the practice of automatically sending a specific group of subscribers one email or a series of emails. Automated email campaigns are different from one-off campaigns or newsletters in that the email or series of emails are predicated on an action the subscriber takes, or an interval of time that has passed since the previous email.

Automation allows you to build trust and credibility with your subscribers (just like with individual emails) but with the added benefit of saving you time because you don’t need to create and send each campaign manually.

Common types of email automation

You may want to automate different kinds of email campaigns depending on your goals. Here are the …

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Capturing the Micro-Moment: What It Really Means to Be Where Your Customers Are Looking

Since I began my career in digital advertising in 2005, I’ve been used to having persuasive and educational conversations: digital is good, SEO is great, and you need to learn to love PPC.

Amazingly,pushback today is a fraction of what it was then. Business owners and marketers generally understand the importance of digital the need to be on Google, to rank for keywords associated with their business, the value in social media and being accessible.

What most don’t understand is that today, as we enter the second half of 2017, marketing has again evolved. It’s not about being found; it’s not about clicks, impressions, or visibility; it’s not about having a website.It’s about the experience the moments that occur when someone is searching for something. Today, it’s those moments that matter most.

A micro-moment is exactly what it sounds like: the small moments that occur during a search that shape perceptions and drive transactions. We experience micro-moments all the time, such as when you are searching for a recipe online and the website you find not only provides step-by-step instructions and an ingredients list, but also substitutions and tips and tricks.That sense of satisfaction you got when you realized that …

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Guide to email list management – now en espaol [EBOOK]

Read in English | Leer en espaol

From your favorite name brands to local mom and pop shops, these days, email is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. To get the most out of your email marketing program and start seeing the impressive return on investment that the channel is known for, you have to develop a strategy that revolves around building and managing your contact list.

Recently, we released the Spanish languageversion of our service. Our eBook, Guide to Email List Management was designed to help you increase the impact of your campaigns. And now we’re excited to announce the release of the Spanish-language version of this comprehensive guide. Now even more small business owners will have access to this vital information.

As you start preparing to launch your email marketing program or begin to fine-tune your strategy, you might ask yourself:

  • How do I build an email list from scratch?
  • What tools do I need to get started?
  • What is list segmentation, and is it something that I should be doing?
  • Once I have subscribers, how can I get them to engage with my content?
  • How do I handle unsubscribes and bouncebacks?

Spanish speakers can …

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4 Awesome Marketing Tactics to Employ Instead of Pitching Cold

In the last 10 years, there has been a significant shift in sales and marketing tactics from outbound to inbound, and for good reason. Outbound marketing is interruptive and therefore not super effective.

Nobody likes making cold calls or sending cold emails, for that matter and nobody likes receiving them. The leads aren’t qualified or reasonably targeted, which simply frustrates both the marketers and the prospects.

Instead of utilizing an outdated, inefficient strategy, today it’s all about building trust and brand equity by publishing helpful content. This is the key to sales enablement in 2017 using content to nurture audience members to the point of sales-readiness.

Cultivate a community by giving your customers useful tools, knowledge and insight that will improve their lives, work, status, outlook or stress level. Here are four steps you can take to warm up your audience so that when you do pitch to them, they’ll be primed to say yes.

Address Your Audience’s Pain Points

In order to establish yourself as a resource and a thought leader in your market, you must focus on them their pains, needs, interests and challenges.

What does your target audience need to know? No, I’m not talking about your …

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10 subject lines to celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is coming up May 29, and there’s no better way to grab your customers’ attention than with some clever, seasonal subject lines. With the weather warming up and the long weekend ahead, now is the time to have fun, get festive and let your creative light shine. If you need inspiration, check out a few of our favorite subject lines!

  1. The Countdown to Memorial Day Sale starts now | J.Crew
  2. Chill, Grill & SHOP! 50% Off ALL Dresses & Rompers! | Charlotte Russe
  3. Salute-worthy savings in honor of Memorial Day | Wayfair
  4. yay for long weekends + big savings! | GAP
  5. Sun’s out, sale’s (back) on | LOFT
  6. Knock Knock. It’s Memorial Day Doorbusters | Michaels
  7. Plan your staycation! Extra 15% off bed & bath at our Memorial Day Sale | Macy’s Home
  8. We are OPEN Memorial Day Monday | Menlo Pilates & Yoga
  9. Plans for Memorial Day? | Thousand Trails Campgrounds
  10. Order Your Post Memorial Day Recovery Kit Now | Project Juice

Is your business doing email marketing campaigns or any promotions for Memorial Day?

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 Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in May 

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Email automation 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the key reasons why email marketing is such a vital tool for your business’ success is because it provides you with a direct line to your customers. Launching a new product or service? Promoting an in-store event or sale? Send a quick message straight to all of your subscribers, and they’re immediately brought up to speed on the latest developments. But when you have to manage the day-to-day operations of a business, it can be a challenge to send out a steady stream of emails that keep customers engaged and ensure that your organization stays top-of-mind.

To save time and get the most of your email marketing program, try email automation – one of the most effective ways to encourage your contacts to interact with your brand. Sending timed, automated messages to your customers not only streamlines your workflow, but it has also been shown to increase leads and conversions. To learn more about how you can start using email automation, check out our infographic below.


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6 Design Tips to Make Your Email Newsletter Visually Appealing

Many businesses rely on email newsletters to build customer relationships and keep their companies top of mind with their audiences. A well-executed newsletter is a powerful email tool with multiple benefits, which is why it’s crucial to ensure your newsletter design is visually appealing. If it looks good, readers are more likely to click.

To help you start, we’ve created a list of six design tips to make your email newsletter visually appealing.

1. Create a header

No question, your newsletter needs a header. It’s the equivalent of a magazine, newspaper or website name. It sits at the very top of your newsletter and should include the newsletter title (if you have one), your company name and your logo.

Fortunately, there are online DIY tools to help you with your headers, such as Stencil or Pixlr. With these programs, you don’t need any graphic design experience to create and save graphics to your computer. Just create your header once, and use it again and again.

Here are a couple of examples:



2. Let your logo dictate color scheme

Your newsletter needs a color scheme. Because your logo is part of your header, consider using its colors throughout …

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Your Best Salespeople Do Not Work for You

Marketing should not be about campaigns; it should be about relationships.

Advocate marketing is like getting a customer referral on steroids. The idea is that the customer doesn’t just give you a name, but talks about your service, promotes you and your company and helps tell your story in a more meaningful way.

Why you need advocates

When others talk about you, it is much more powerful than when you talk about yourself. The single most powerful way to sell your product or service is to create an army of advocates.

All advocates start as engaged customers. They have been trained properly and love using your product. When they are engaged they stay longer, they pay more and they use their social influence to sell the product for you. This is what an advocate does.

Social proof is the evidence that what you say is true. When a customer becomes an advocate, they let people know that what your company said is true, that what you do really does provide outstanding results because the customer experienced them and then talks about them.

Advocate marketing is about positive relationships of trust that are developed to maturity. Relationships of trust are driven …

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