How To Optimize Your YouTube Marketing Effectively

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the planet. It gets literally billions of hits daily.

According to recent statistics, viewers watch nearly 5 billion videos a day on the website, which means it has an awful lot of eyeballs on it all the time. Smart companies have taken advantage of its robust viewing audience and have begun advertising on the video-sharing website. With short videos that air before some videos, pop-up bars that appear during videos and sidebar advertisements, there are plenty of opportunities.

YouTube marketing is not like regular marketing, though. Companies need to think differently about how to approach these advertisements versus advertisements that air on TV or show up on other websites. You need to take advantage of the tools available to you on YouTube in order to effectively optimize your marketing.

Pick the right keywords to get noticed

When you post video content on YouTube, you have the option of using keywords to tell the website and viewers what terms to associate with your product. It’s critical that you get this right. You want to hit all the keywords that customers will be using. You have to anticipate what searches customers may use to find information, what content they may be looking for or even what mood they may be in when they’re browsing the website.

According to Social Media Examiner, you should select keywords that get at least 1,000 monthly impressions in order to make it worthwhile. You have to pay for specific keywords, so be sure you’re selecting worthwhile terms that are both specific enough to get to your company (you don’t want to put your video in an oversaturated market) and general enough that lots of people may use the term in a search.

Get creative with your visuals

There are a lot of advertisements and commercials out there. Anything traditional, your viewers have seen before and recognize instantly as a commercial. And in an era where customers are increasingly suspicious, distrustful of or aggravated by commercials, you want to minimize that. You can accomplish this by going for a unique and creative visual, incorporating an original theme or image into your content that no one has seen before. Tell a story audiences will enjoy, such as a story about a little girl putting together a fleet of sedansto send her astronaut dad a message, like Hyundai did in 2015.

Customers want content that moves them, above all. Companies have been moving toward advertising that comes with a moral message or message that tugs at heartstrings, even if it’s not directly related to the company. For example, in 2015 Comcast did a commercial called Emily’s Oz, in which set designers helped build a young blind girl’s fantasy of the Land of Oz into reality. The advertisement was ultimately to advertise Comcast’s talking guide for visual disabilities, but the story is far more memorable and emotional.

Make sure your page drives traffic to your other websites

When customers land on your page, they should be able to see all the information they need about your company right away. That means you need to have an informativeAbout section, but it also means you need to crosslink whenever and wherever possible to your other links. According to Online Dimes, if you have a webpage, then you should link to it in every video and on your home page. Other social media accounts should be linked. You should make contact information available. Take advantage of your banner, where you can put four links.

By making information about your company easily available to customers, you increase the chance that they’ll follow up and do research into your business, which means you’ve successfully piqued their interest.

Your YouTube marketing strategy must take into account the nature of the website and what customers are looking for. Be sure to capture their attention they’re watching lots of interesting videos already and make information available and accessible.

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