6 Blogging Best Practices to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Given the extent to which content is driving digitalmarketing, branded blogging is a must. Especially with businesses that are looking to build an audience, blogging has to be a consistent practice. Not only does one have to produce quality content,one has to do it consistently, and keep getting better at it. Thats a tall order.

There are many aspects to a successful blog. Lets look at a few things beyond SEO, grammar, consistency of posting and sharing on social to find out how can one keep a quality blog going.

1. Use a blogging tool such as Buzzsumo

As content creators we are consistently battling the challenge of producing great ideas on a daily basis. Its tough work, but thankfully there are a number of tools out there that can help us generate ideas.

Buzzsumo is a great place to start. They have a free version which tells you about the most loved/shared topics in your niche. You see the number of shares trending topics receive on each of the most popular platforms. You are able to find key influencers as well as set up alerts and track mentions.

Portent, Google Trends, and Answer the Public are some other tools …

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