Rev up your retail business with these post-holiday emails

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday and of course all of the other year-end holidays, marketers send more emails in November and December than any other time of the year. And though there is a natural and expected dip in email volume after the holiday season, you don’t want to lose all of that great momentum that you’ve built. In January and February, it’s important to continue to engage with your audience and present them with exciting, relevant messages and – most importantly – encourage them to make a purchase.

To beat that post-holiday slump and keep your email marketing program on track, these are the five emails that your retail business should be sending.

Win-back campaign

Start your year strong by re-engaging inactive subscribers. A win-back campaign is used to appeal to contacts who may have signed up for your list months ago but haven’t opened or clicked on any of your messages in a while. Studies show that 45 percent of people who receive a win-back email will read subsequent emails.

Review your contact list and holiday season metrics, and then reach out to that segment of subscribers who haven’t recently engaged with your shop’s …

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Don’t send yet! Putting Test Kit to work in your email campaigns

You’ve spent hours, maybe even days, carefully crafting that email. The subject line is a home run. The graphics look great. The promotion is irresistible. You’ve proofread it three times, and you know it’s perfect. You hit the send button and sit back with the relief of a job well done…

…only to realize you forgot to fix that broken link before the email went out.

And now it’s too late to cancel the campaign. In a panic, you throw together a correction and push it out. But the damage is done. It feels like all your hard work was for nothing, and you’re embarrassed to have your readers – subscribers you’ve spent years cultivating – click on that broken link.

We’ve all been there, of course. Anyone who sends out emails, posts on social media or creates print marketing has had that dreaded “Oops!” moment when something doesn’t go as planned. Fortunately, those days are over for email marketers.

Email with confidence

VerticalResponse recently introduced Test Kit, a suite of easy-to-use tools designed to prevent those “Oops!” moments. Test Kit is composed of Inbox Preview, Subject Line Preview and Link Checker. These error eradicators help you create campaigns …

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4 advanced tips to optimizing your LinkedIn business page

When was the last time you evaluated your company LinkedIn page? Does it represent your brand well, attract prospective clients and showcase your business as an authority in its field? 

Many small businesses take the necessary steps to create a company LinkedIn page, but aren’t quite sure if their page is doing all it should. Here are some advanced tips to make sure your business page is the best it can be.

1. Create Showcase Pages

A Showcase Page is an offshoot of your company profile page that enables you to promote a specific product or service that your business offers. And because Showcase Pages have analytics, you’ll be able to track visitor interest in those products or services.

Let’s say you sell digital cameras. You can set up a Showcase Page that highlights your best-selling camera. Or, if you run a pet shop, you could highlight your pet grooming services.

On your LinkedIn company page, Showcase Pages are below the About Us section. Look at the Adobe page below and you’ll see how they would appear on your own company page.

To create a Showcase Page, look under the Edit tab on your company page and select “Create …

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Turn more leads into customers: Integrate Salesforce with your VerticalResponse account

Quickly and easily turn leads into customers when you pair your Salesforce and VerticalResponse accounts. By integrating these two powerful apps, you’ll get effortless two-way data syncing and reporting you can take immediate action on – all with a painless setup that only takes minutes. Here’s why integrating Salesforce with VerticalResponse is a smart business decision:

Salesforce enhances your email marketing

It’s easy to see the benefits of combining Salesforce with your email marketing program.

Save time

Free, unlimited two-way syncing between Salesforce and VerticalResponse means that a contact update in one platform automatically flows to the other. No need to update contacts in both places. Set the sync process to happen as often as you want, when you want it. 

Actionable insights

Salesforce’s powerful segmentation tools and customer intelligence let you see who’s engaging with your messages. Use those insights to better target your campaigns so they resonate with the customers most likely to act on them. 

Painless setup

All it takes to connect Salesforce with VerticalResponse is three simple steps. Then you’re ready to start leveraging the power of Salesforce.

How Salesforce works with VerticalResponse

Integrating Salesforce with your VerticalResponse account is easy. Here’s what to do:

  1. Download
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How to keep email newsletter clicks and readers on the rise

As your business evolves and changes, your email newsletter should follow suit. The subscribers who are currently signed up for your list may have different needs, values and backgrounds than the people you were writing for when you first launched your newsletter. The template that was once on-trend might now be painfully outdated.

If you want to keep your readers engaged, you have to continually examine the state of your newsletter – evaluating everything from design to open and clickthrough rates. And there’s no better time to do this than the start of the new year.

So how can you keep your newsletter fresh and your engagement results rising? As you begin to prepare your email marketing program for 2018, follow these three tips:

Identify your target audience

To identify your audience, review the previous year’s newsletter metrics and all of the information that you’ve gathered about your active subscribers (that is, contacts who have been opening and engaging with your messages). Where do they live? How old are they? What is there marital status? Which industries do they work in? The answers to these questions may surprise you. If you don’t already collect this kind of demographic data when …

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Our 25 most popular blog posts of 2017

We’re a matter of hours away from 2018, but let’s not turn the page on the calendar just yet. The waning days of December are a great time to look back at the previous 12 months and take stock of what truly resonated with our readers. Countless critics and publications have compiled their best-of lists for 2017, and we want to get in on the action. So we took a look at which articles on the VerticalResponse blog were most popular this year. What did we find? Our readers really, really enjoy lists.

Take a look at our 25 most popular articles in 2017:

  1. 4 ways to retain customers and keep them coming back – Every business wants to keep customers coming back (yes, that’s even true of airlines and cable companies, believe it or not). No wonder this short and sweet set of tips cracked the top 25.
  2. 5 tips for creating a sense of urgency in your writing and emails – Get those customers to click with email marketing that demands attention. Here was our take on how.
  3. 5 event ideas that attract customers – Creative event ideas are always welcome. Here, we brainstormed on new and unusual
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12 months of inspiration for engaging with your email subscribers

If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution this year, try being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your business’s email marketing.

Along with the big holidays – such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas – there are a lot of obscure, lighthearted or lesser-known occasions that you can use to promote your business all year long.

Dare to be different in 2018 with a year’s worth of inspiring and fun ideas for emails that will engage, entertain and motivate your subscribers.


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Ring in the New Year email cheer! 20 New Year’s Eve and 18 New Year’s Day subject lines

This year is about to be so last year. Luckily, time is on your side. You can start planning your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day email marketing campaigns now.

Shoppers know that retailers are clearing out their stock to make room for new items on their shelves. That’s why it’s important that your email subject lines pop like New Year’s Eve champagne corks.

For inspiration, we’re sharing 20 New Year’s Eve email subject lines and 18 New Year’s Day email subject lines that we think are irresistibly clickable. 

New Year’s Eve subject lines 

  1. Ring in the new year in a new city – HomeAway
  2. Got no New Year plans? We’ve got you covered! – Voyages SNCF
  3. The Countdown Begins… Save 20% Til Midnight! – Pine Cone Hill
  4. Get it by New Year’s Eve with ASAP shipping! – Modcloth
  5. New Year’s Eve Plans? Extra 30% Off Party Shoes – Cole Haan
  6. It’s New Year’s Eve! Celebrate with an extra 20% off sale prices – Land’s End
  7. 3, 2, 1…New Year’s Eve outfit done. – Bebe
  8. 20+ fuss-free ways to feed your guests on New Year’s Eve. – Food52
  9. Happy New Year’s Eve from Jones New York – Jones New
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2018 email marketing trend report

We may be in the midst of a social media boom, but email marketing is holding strong. Not only has email continued to be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers, but 72 percent of consumers say that they prefer to hear from businesses via email. The channel’s longevity can be ascribed to innovation: Every year, marketers develop new ways to make email even more powerful.

Wondering what 2018 has in store for your email marketing program? Here are five trends that we have our eye on:

Improved personalization and segmentation

We’ve explored the power of personalization and segmentation here before. Together the two tactics increase engagement by providing readers with messages that are relevant and timely.

Now marketers are collecting more data about their audiences to improve their targeting capabilities. In a recent Econsultancy report, 80 percent of respondents said they were segmenting their contact lists into customer groups. Where personalization once meant addressing email readers by their first name, marketers now divide their contact lists based on everything from birthdays to time zones, enabling themselves to create messages that resonate with specific segments on a deeper level.


Fifty-three percent of marketers now integrate interactive …

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Deck their inboxes with effective holiday emails

‘Tis the season…for harried shoppers, dubious door-busters and incessant advertising. It’s the holidays! What does a small business have to do to stand out at this time of the year? 

Email marketing, for one thing. Here are three tips for making sure your emails shine brightly in readers’ inboxes, and some holiday email inspiration to help shape your own campaigns. For more on seasonal sends that make an impact, download our free Guide to Holiday Email Marketing.

1. Be mobile-friendly

We say this a lot, and with good reason. Since more than half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, everything you send to your readers needs to be easily viewable on a small screen. Fortunately, VerticalResponse makes this a snap – all our email templates are designed to be mobile-responsive.

2. Time your email messages for maximum impact

Everyone is bombarded at the holidays. Work parties, family obligations, travel schedules and ceaseless advertising constantly vie for our attention. Create your campaigns with an eye toward the busy reader. Send announcements about your seasonal specials early, and then send reminders as they approach. Take a look at your past campaigns and see when your readers tend to …

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