Striking that Perfect Balance: Why Use Both Digital and Print Advertising

Digital and Print AdvertisingMarketing and advertising professionals around the world often talk about print advertising as a dying art as it has, for the past decade, given way to less traditional means. Digital is now the way to go, everyone says, as if the print is already gone.

As a matter of fact, that is very far from the truth. Although there are digital means, your business would be better served by using a combination of both digital and print advertising strategies. Printing has been around for centuries — some examples date back to early Egyptian times — that it would be extremely hard to picture a world where nothing exists in print.


Businesses use billboards to send a message to as many people as possible in particular areas, especially those where traffic is especially heavy. So it’s common to see billboards on intersections where vehicles and pedestrians pass all the time, as well as highways, where thousands of people drive any day of the week. A printing company in Australia would probably serve hundreds of local clients as well as those from other parts of the country.


Newsletters, flyers, brochures, booklets — almost everything that used to appear on paper

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11 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Written By: Brenda Cagara

Surprisingly enough, brilliant social media marketing can land some businesses in utter disaster, because as the saying goes, “Nothing kills a bad marketing faster than good marketing.” This saying is not only satirically funny but also crucially important in highlighting the dependency of small businesses on online and social media marketing.

Social media marketing and your business’ success are more closely linked than you think. While a major business achievement or product can be rendered useless if not marketed well, no amount of marketing gimmicks can make a worthless product desirable among your audience.

Among online marketing, social media marketing is gaining the most attention and yielding the most results. RAK offshore company setup advices you to heed the following tips and strategies while managing your social media marketing.

1.) Consistency is Key

Social media marketing is an ongoing process which takes loads of time, patience, and consistency. You cannot build your social media presences in a day, or even a month. It takes years.

You will have to commit to social media marketing very earlier than the process of product launch, build hype around your product, and get people interested. After the product launch, social

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