50 summer subject lines + 3 tips for sunny copywriting

Memorial Day barbecues have been lit, and summer is officially upon us. As temperatures rise and people are spending more time grilling and soaking up the sun outdoors, how can you capture their attention with your email subject lines?

While there’s a lot on your seasonal to-do list rooftop parties, trips to the beach and picnics in the park among them youremail subject linescould use a little summer lovin’ too. To provide inspiration, we’ve put together a list of 50 sunshiny and seasonal subject lines.Plus, we’ve got three bonus tips to help you create your own fun-in-the-sun subject lines.

Remember, a subject line is just as importantas the email itselfbecause it’s the first thing people see in their inbox. Use these sizzlin’ subject line ideas to get your emails the attention they deserve.

50 summer subject lines

  1. Entertain the idea of a perfect summer weekend | Crate and Barrel
  2. 4 reasons to eat what you want this 4th of July | Methodology
  3. Meet your summer loves | LOFT
  4. Summer Berry Desserts in Red, White, and Blue | Fine Cooking
  5. Spend summer in Hawaii | Hawaiian Airlines
  6. See your summer donation in action | Make-A-Wish
  7. When it heat waves, we flash sale 
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